stage fright?




…a student asked about stage-fright. here’s my take:

Stage fright is a bi-product of letting your brain reside in the past or the future.

When your brain is in the past, you’re judging your actions that can’t be undone…and you’re probably judging them harshly.

When your brain is in the future, you’re imagining events that haven’t yet happened and worrying in anticipation of the worst possible outcome.

The trick is to have your brain in the present. When you let your mind run wild in the past or future, that is usually when you stumble or stammer. Practice having your thoughts focused on the present by focusing on simple and mundane tasks like walking or breathing. Give every breath or step your full attention. You’ll begin to notice when the past and future creep into your mind and you can practice your focus. That focus pushes out all of the unnecessary thoughts and replaces them with thoughts related to the present…which is the only moment over which you have ANY control. You can’t change the past…and the only way to affect the future is through your actions in the present. So, take care of that present…the future depends on it.

Good luck.